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1. Vision

  • To create a New Donside village continuing the pattern of settlements along the Don Valley.
  • To capture and reinterperet the spatial qualities of Old Aberdeen and Cottoun of Balgownie.
  • To design a layout with a clear heirarchy of recogniseable spaces. Whether streets parks or courtyards.
  • To product a development which is contained within the strong landscape elements of treebelts, green open space and steep slopes.

2. Access & Connectivity

The new village must be permeable and allow easy movement through out the development and beyond to the green space network, core path and cycle routes.

Access and connections to the green space network and cycle routes will be enhanced. Destinations within the development will also be created.

3. Street Hierarchy

Persley Den will have a clear hierarchy of streets and spaces. Reflecting the types of routes and spaces that might be found in Old Aberdeen.

There will be a 'high street' that is the main route through the development, followed by secondary access streets, then lanes, mews and courts.

4. Landscape Strategy

The site has a strong, well established landscape setting, which will be strengthened as part of the new village proposal.

The strong tree belts and policy type planting will be enhanced and replicated in the development and a major green space will be created in the heart of the development.

Master Plan

master plan
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